Your Food Can Alter Your Future Says Vedic Astrology

The Sunlight- The Sunlight is the lord of the seventh a Kendra. Maraka character of the seventh house does not apply to the Sunlight. The Sunlight losses its cruel nature and gets to be a neutral and if under the affect of benefics, it provides very great results.

Venus in Aries signal is inauspicious in because of to the owner of two marak sthan like dwiteye and saptmesh. But in accordance to Astrologer in California Lagnastha Venus is regarded as to be auspicious. Venus will be in Pieces sign in twelfth place. Venus will be higher in twelfth location. Twelfth Venus is said to be just like a Rajyoga. You may be opulent and expensive character. Your wife may be of numerous and excellent quality. You may be songs enthusiasts and lover of performing. You might get happiness from touring. Your wife might be cash giver and may consider curiosity in sexual enjoyment. You are extremely useful and usually ready to give your assistance and money to your needy friends, family members and relatives. You may prove to Kamdhenu cow.

As the 9th lord is in the fifth, Future will give the native a famous and prosperous father. As the ninth lord is in the 9th from the ninth, father gets to be lucky and effective. They will be renowned for their studying and will be of charitable disposition. Their character will be spotless. They will have immense courage which will provide them in the hour of crisis. They will be prosperous and their domestic life will be satisfactory.

The moon is Fruitful because of to its central place. It is friendly with lagnesh Mars. Moon will be in Pieces sign in twelfth place. The owner of Items sign here Jupiter is yogkarak and will be friendly with Moon. You might be a winner in court cases. You might be recognized to astrological understanding and occult science. You might bring laurels to your forefather's name. You may try your luck in foreign countries. You might show to be a bright and lovable person. You may get a lengthy lifestyle and you can be a winner over your enemies.

Jupiter-Jupiter is lord 1st and 4th, two Kendras, consequently loses its beneficence and becomes neutral, but 1st house is also a trikona. Consequently Jupiter again becomes neutral, but 1st house is also a trikona. Therefore Jupiter again becomes a benefic and Yoga karaka and conclusively a very auspicious earth. This Jupiter bestows happiness, wealth, community acceptability, car and so on. A weak Jupiter makes one reside foreign land and in distress.

Jupiter is fruitful in Aries sign in ninth place due to its Trikonadhipati. It is not inauspicious here being vyayesh. Jupiter will be in Virgo sign in sixth location. Your carry out will be great and you may be winner to defeat enemies. You might be studded with good occupation, servants and brilliant children. You can see and appreciate the pleasure and happiness of your grandchildren. You might have to work difficult for all the comforts of lifestyle. You might be affected with diseases, money owed and enemies. You can attempt your luck as teacher and lecturer.

Ketu will be in Sagittarius sign in eighth location. It is self-planetary here. You may show to be an obedient son and may make money in international land. You may be an officer and a social worker. You can development a lot with your difficult function. Your blessings can bless a person with a kid who does not have a kid. You are so hard working that you always try for your better luck throughout your lifestyle.

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